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Kayak Nature Tours in the Heart of Cocoa Beach

Through the Thousand Islands Conservation Area


Reservations are required!





Approx, 2 hrs

Reservations are required.


Expedition times vary:

M-F  8 or 8:30am and 12:30 or 1:00pm

Weekends 8:15am and 1:00pm


These do vary depending on animal behavior,

weather conditions,

sun angles, sun intensity, and time of year.


We provide the following ;

Both Single and Two person kayaks

Kayaks have a 250 lb per person limit


Life Vest

  Bottled Water

Water resistant bags


The moment we set out there are opportunities

to experience the wild life in the lagoon.

Your expedition is in one of the few key Manatee habitats

in North America.

Manatee, Dolphins, Osprey, Egret, Herons and Raptors are just a sample of what you may encounter.

No experience required.



Why choose Fin Expeditions ?

GOTO> Trip Advisor

"Best practices"

and our

"Attention to detail"

We will do our best for you and your family.

Fin Expeditions is committed to ensuring

that you and your family have an experience that will create a lifetime of memories and making sure you have everything you need for a fully equipped expedition.

Every day is different so each expedition is different.

Please enjoy your virtual expedition

into the

Mangrove environment of Cocoa Beaches.

Thousand Islands.

A portion of the Island system showing

the intricacies of  the water trails.

We will guide you into into the labyrinths

of the mangrove forest, with

keyhole openings, overhead canopy and

watery trails that will twist your sense of direction.

As you can see a maze awaits our expedition.

People from all over the world have ranked this experience

as good as any in the world.

Many species of animals call the mangroves home.

From the moment they begin life,

the protection of mangroves gives all a chance to contribute

to the health and diversity of the lagoon.

For a complete species list of the Indian River Lagoon Estuary.

GOTO> Smithsonian Marine Station

cocoa beach

Mothers teaching hunting techniques to their calf

within the mangrove habitat and individual dolphins traveling to

and from specific areas of mangrove

are some of the behaviors you may see.

Structures of plant life far removed from what we are normally accustomed to seeing on land.

It is amazing to hear the sound of breaking surf from the nearby Atlantic Ocean filling into the mangroves.

Or the white noise of a winter wind ripping overhead

while we paddle in warm windless conditions

inside the mangroves where you can light a candle.

 Cocoa Beach attractions

A mantle of bright light shines down from a Sun above.

Disappear into the filtered green light of a mangrove tunnel,

while a cluster of Ospreys call to each other.

Mangroves have a special warmth.

Click a Sun and enjoy the warmth...


"Out of season"

November 15 thru March 15

The Creature of the "Green Lagoon"

Shy sometimes, inquisitive sometimes.

Many different behaviors are seen.

Are they Sleeping ? Feeding ?  Playing ?

Traveling ?

Are the babies nursing ?

Mating ?

Sheltering ?

Standing on their head and basically

doing something we can't understand ?

We are a "Do Not Disturb" Eco tour. 

See our Manatee page

Our absolute goal is to view without disrupting or changing any of these and other behaviors.

Our encounters are world class and we use viewing techniques that do not disturb the wild life during our expeditions.

We follow the Guide lines of the

National Marine Fisheries Service

GOTO> viewing_wildlife

And adhere to the marine mammal Protection act of 1972

GOTO> www.nmfs.noaa.gov

Have you ever wondered what a manatee is thinking ?

Check this out...

GOTO> The Brain of the Florida Manatee

These guys are quite the enigma.




This guy was trying to dislodge a Remora (Shark Sucker).

These guys are very, very, mobile.

They travel and have specific areas they hunt . These guys cover a lot of ground during their day. When we set out on expeditions we wait for them to come to us.

 It is amazing watching a 300lb+ wild dolphin feeding in 18" of water. Watching a adolescent calf practicing bubble screening is so cool to see.

"Migratory Birds"

The fish stocks are plentiful,

and I expect a great turnout for the feast

after the birds 2000 mile flight .



Green Heron

Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Many thanks !

Listen to the typical voice

River Otters

Rare to see...They are watching while we look for them

Great Egret



Let's talk about our young Explorers.

("E" is for explorer, see below)

They are so important.

Just as, or actually more important than the wildlife we see.

It really is about the children.

Leaving a positive impression relating to the environment is so important for their memories.

Imagine the impression your child will have when a 2000 lb

manatee approaches them to within 6 ".

I get a lot of very fair questions regarding if our tours are appropriate for the very young.

The little one must be 6 years old.

We must have 1 person that can paddle for any youngster that cannot paddle for themselves.

13 years old is a good guideline for youths wanting to paddle,

I have had younger be able to paddle the 2 miles in 2 hours.

But as a parent, you will ultimately have to decide if this is a appropriate activity for your child based on the child's athletic ability.

Fin Expeditions has taken many youngsters on explorations into

the lagoon habitat.


Quality trumps Quantity

We avoid the mass tour mentality where 20+ persons are placed into the environment.

Fin expeditions limits our group sizes insuring our

expeditions are of very high quality.

Just imagine what happens to a herd of manatees when a large group paddles into their habitat.

You will find that large groups require the guide to speak very loudly to communicate.

It is amazing how far the guides voice carry's across the water.

The birds will fly away.

Fin expeditions takes you to places where there are

no unnatural noises. Just the sound of nature.

We are a Quiet expedition.

I provide one on one discussions regarding the things we see.

Fin Expeditions believes by fully equipping, we will provide a upscale experience.

We use high end equipment and

launder all life jackets and wash all kayaks after each use.

Others do not.

Life jackets can get very swampy and

kayaks very dirty if never cleaned.

Look for clean equipment in any quality outfitter.


 Google Fin X Cocoa Beach


Fin Expeditions

Cocoa Beach, Florida



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