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Keep Brevard Beautiful's

Adopt a Shore


Cocoa Beach ,Thousand Islands

Fin Expeditions has partnered with

Keep Brevard Beautiful's Adopt a Shore Program.

Fin Expeditions has committed time, equipment and resources to litter and debris abatement within all of

Cocoa Beach’s Thousand Island, Lagoon Estuary.

Endangered Terrapin

Death due to mono filament line entanglement.


Years to accumulate.  Two hours to eliminate.  Minutes to maintain.

This is making a difference that lasts.

A small amount of time spent in our lagoon getting the debris out can eliminate years of accumulation.

Plastics and aluminum cans have been in the mangrove system for so long, that degradation of this material is occurring.

The overall quantity and the long time this material takes to accumulate shows that when the environment is maintained, we can remove most all of this litter and debris, and easily maintain the environment.

Keep Brevard Beautiful organized a effective Thousand Island clean up supported by The Florida Dept.of Correction and Fin Expeditions. Many submerged tires and Mangrove litter residuals were removed. As you travel the South Cocoa Beach Thousand Islands waterways you will notice a big improvement in the amount of litter on our shore lines. In some areas where the visual acuity of litter overarched the beauty of the Mangroves, you will be hard pressed to find any litter. Based on the degraded condition of the litter removed this stuff had taken years to accumulate. I think we have made a difference that will last.


A bright day in a dim existence.

Mothership Pegasus was anchored and small boats were deployed, 11' Boston Whaler  2 kayaks and Tender for tool management and structure transport. When gaining access to the Island group at the bar going in, shallow water was encountered and the kayaks were used to tow the boats and equipment across the Johnson Seagrass. A few Foot prints were left configuring the tow. Once across the bar, the water depth increased to 18" 24" and allowed for further motor transport. The disassembly of the structure was accomplished by removing all attaching lag bolts and the liberal application of a fire axe. The supporting posts were firmly driven to a depth of approx 3' and were removed by attaching a line from the shore to the posts, with a come along. Tension was applied with the come along which loosen the post enough to extract from the bottom. Loaded the tender with the lumber and made our way out, across the bar and towed to ramp road for disposal. Total Time for the removal was about 2 1/2 hours. I have to say that this was a great adventure, the weather was beautiful, water clarity was excellent and the satisfaction of the logistical staging producing a successful result is most rewarding to all that participated.


Fin Expeditions Adopt a Shore team, Cocoa Beach ,Thousand Islands.

Sundays weather was poor, with low temps and a fresh north breeze. This produced a lee shore which we anchored off .

The marine operations to gain position was high adventure.

The Islands north side was evenly distributed with litter and debris. Mostly old plastics, polystyrenes highly degraded by UV. Old carpet with it's backing degraded, black mangrove roots fully enmeshed.

Check out the Owl (below), this model has not been available for long time.

Years of accumulation ...GONE.

This island is as pristine as we could make it.

Considering this island was one of the worst, we made a difference that will last. 

Afterwards we celebrated by observing wild dolphins hunting for prey.

As a volunteer you can have a significant impact on our Lagoon.

Please Contact Fin Expeditions or Keep Brevard Beautiful to volunteer!




Fin Expeditions ~ Jeremy Edgar
321-698-7233 ~ Ramp Road
Cocoa Beach, Florida



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