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599 Ramp Road, Cocoa Beach FL. 32931

528 or 520 to A1A south.

Past Ron Jon's, and Cocoa Beach Surf Co., Minuteman Cswy, and City Hall.

Five blocks south of Minuteman Cswy is 5th Street South.

(Not North...Go South. We have North and South streets, see map)

Turn right (West) on 5th Street South.

Turn left onto S. Brevard Ave.

Turn right onto Ramp Road.

Your Kayaks will be setup in the beautiful Ramp Road Park at theend of Ramp Road



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Florida Map
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There maybe large 20+ persons groups going out with other companys

I will be the small quality (Fine)xpeditions.

I don't belive in mass group ECO tours

There are no buildings where you sign in. Very un Disney like.

Just me, the Lagoon and your perfectly set up Kayaks


Please be on time.

If you are late, we may not be able to wait.

Thank you



Because of popular demand, Fin Expeditions is creating a series of expedition guides of the north and south Thousand Islands.

These expedition guides are for informational purposes only.

Fin Expeditions recommends before you venture into the Thousand Islands, contact a guide service to take you.

There have been cases of paddlers being lost and caught out after sunset.

If you go it alone, make sure you have the proper equipment.


As you can see, the islands form a labyrinth in which you could get disoriented.

Fin Expeditions supplies the gear and knowledge to comfortably and safely guide you into the islands.

Contact Fin Expeditions and we will provide you

a memorable trip.

Southern Thousand Island group

 The southern section of the south Thousand Islands consists of 6 island groups.

These islands are due west and south of Fin Expeditions Ramp Road base.


Island group 1.

The major feature of this group is the mangrove tunnel that winds through an upland area.

From Ramp Road enter the mangrove tunnel and find the cross road.

Cross Road is central to navigating the interior.

From Cross Road,

West is island group 2, a series of Ox Bows which exits into island group 3,

South opens up into a area called the "Pan Am Flyway",

where Raptors fish for their dinner.

East is the Ramp Road Mangrove Tunnel.

North will take you to the short cut.

Island group 2.

From Cross Roads head west and find the small mangrove tunnel.

Position your paddle fore and aft and pull yourself through into the first ox bow.

Navigate the ox bows and continue on to island group 3 or exit south and find your way to the Pan Am Flyway.

From here you can head north back to Crossroads.

A nice trip. You start to have that feeling of remoteness.

The mangroves are buffering the sounds of civilization and the cries of the osprey emerge.

Island group 3.

Leaving the OxBow system, enter Island group 3.

This Island group has a interior lake called Trout Canal Lake and also a rim canal called Trout Canal.

Labyrinths are now forming so be cautious and remember how you navigated into the interior. If you prefer to bypass this Island group, after leaving the Ox Bows head down Jones Creek (ref Yellow path) and enter Island group 4.

The true labyrinth.

Island group 4.

Have you ever seen the movie "The Shining"? Remember the Hedge?

This island group will provide you a real challenge. If you get lost, how would a rescuer locate you? Your are the farthest from Ramp Road and in the most complex canal system.


Island group 5.

A very nice paddle south from the Cross road through the Pan Am Flyway will bring you to Island group 5. Evidence of prehistoric habitation and shell middens can be found here.

From here you have all kinds of choices of where to go.

The paddle from Ramp Road through the Mangrove tunnel and then a nice loiter here produces a fine day on the water.

More guides to come, stay tuned.


Fin Expeditions ~ Jeremy Edgar
321-698-7233 ~ Ramp Road
Cocoa Beach, Florida


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