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Explore Cocoa Beach on a fully guided kayak tour

Search for Manatee, Dolphin, Stingray and many other species of birds, fish, and mammals on a small and personal kayak adventure through our tropical lagoon. Our kayak tours are rated the highest in the region for a reason!
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Thousand Islands – Cocoa Beach

Thousand Islands is a group of natural, modified, and spoil islands in the Banana River Lagoon.
We will guide you into the labyrinths of the mangrove forest, with keyhole openings, an overhead canopy and watery trails that will twist your sense of direction. People from all over the world have ranked this experience as good as any kayak adventure in the world. The Thousand Island Kayak Tour is perfect for first-time paddlers, and anyone looking to get out of the city for a relaxing paddle through a beautiful lagoon filled with natural wonders is in for a treat. Along the way you’ll learn basic and intermediate paddling skills and learn how to effectively maneuver a kayak on the water. Your guide will customize this experience based on the interest of the participants in nature and information about our beautiful paradise for those who want a relaxing and educational tour.

We are a Do Not Disturb Ecotour and we always follow these guidelines

* Minimize impact
* Emphasize passive observation
* Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect
* Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts
* Provide direct financial benefits for conservation
* Raise sensitivity to the host area’s political environmental and social climate

We set ourselves apart when it comes to kayak tours in Cocoa Beach. Many Kayak Tour agencies love to stuff as many people as they can into a tour to maximize the money they will take in. We love our kayak tours to have a very unique experience for every guest. We are here to help you and guide you on a magical tour of a lifetime through our beautiful lagoon. Our staff has been running kayak tours for many years and loves what they do.


One of the biggest advantages that a kayaking tour has over an expensive boat tour is peace and quiet. Most people spend their time in urban environments, surrounded by the sounds of cars, noisy crowds and notifications from electronic devices like cell phones.
There are several benefits to escaping the stress of the modern world and spending time in nature, that include:

  • Lowering stress and anxiety
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Accelerating the heart rate
  • A general sense of well-being and comfort
  • Really having time to think about the important things in life

With the loud noise of the engine and the other many people on a boat tour, you might find that you aren’t getting the escape from all of that you were looking for. Kayaking tours, by contrast, eliminate all of these several factors. Leaving behind the cars and the crowds, you are now left with your kayak, the gentle sounds of your paddle in the water, and maybe a close friend or two to really spend time with. Paddling with a tandem kayak can also be an extra exciting way to enjoy your kayak tour!


Paddling with another person on board is a great way to share that perfect paddling experience. Have a close friend you want to have fun with, or a smaller child who may need a little help, but still wants to enjoy a kayak tour The addition of little children to a group of avid kayakers usually poses a challenge, but not with a tandem! With a double kayak (or Tandem), family paddling is easy for everybody. They get a bit of water dripped on their heads on occasion, but the time on the water is sweet, safe, and fun! Double kayaks are stable enough to handle the wiggling of children, which makes this the perfect teamwork family activity. Paddling a tandem can also just be easier?! When paddling a solo kayak on our tours, everything is down to you and you only. Need to paddle over here, or over there? Well, it’s all going to come down to you! No-one else is going to take any of the strain for you. Tandems also get the big plus for those who are multitasking. For example, if you’re paddling along the lagoon one person can concentrate on chasing down the dolphins as the run, while the other can take direction and guide the kayak in the right direction.

Speed? 2 persons, along with the fact you’re paddling a longer kayak, means you can tour along faster or catch up to everybody easier. Even taking into consideration that the stern is wider on a tandem, theoretically, you should travel faster through the water based on their design. Now speed isn’t necessarily an advantage on a beautiful and relaxing tour, but it can help you get to the wildlife faster! No matter what type of kayak you choose, we will make sure your kayak tour is of world class quality!


IRL Bottlenose Dolphin

Wild dolphins live 30 to 35 years and due to their territorial nature, the individuals we see may have been around for quite some time. Imagine a dolphin you saw as a child can still be seen today. Imagine a dolphin your child sees today could be seen when he or she is an adult. A complex network of intelligent marine mammals right at our door (dock) step. Fin Expeditions Wild Dolphin sighting techniques introduce you to these marine mammals of Cocoa Beach.

West Indian Manatee

When a Manatee approaches our group we remain silent and enjoy these rare and endangered marine mammals. When observing their behavior you will see definite personalities associated with these individuals, Enjoy these pictures and make some time to to go out and see for yourself.


Birds and Mangroves

During your expeditions you will see many more species of birds than you see here. We update these photos on a continual basis as it is impossible to show all. Our photos will provide a virtual Eco exploration, however the splash of the Brown Pelican, the cries of the hunting Osprey and the wind flowing through the mangroves can only be heard by going on a expedition into the lagoon Hopefully you can find the time to come with us and experience these sites and sounds.

As a true Ecotour, we will never encourage you to intrude on wildlife and never, ever encourage you to pet or feed wild animals. At Fin expeditions, we are founded on the core principles of Environmental Ethics and Sustainability. We believe that true ecotourism is an ethic, not just a marketing tool.

When a Manatee approaches our group we remain silent and enjoy these rare and endangered marine mammals. While observing their behavior, you will see definite personalities associated with these individuals.

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Bioluminescent tours start at $69 per person.

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