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Intro to Bio Kayak Experience

This kayaking adventure is the ideal choice for those who are looking to enjoy the amazing bioluminescence at a more economical price. This tour is a shorter 1 hour excursion that allows you to experience this magical phenomenon right from “The Waterfront” which is our central Cocoa Beach location.

Quick Details

FYI: March – May is considered “Bioluminescence Comb Jelly” season. 

June – October is considered “Bioluminescence Dinoflagellates (Glowing Water)” season. 

Please note bioluminescence is seasonal and can vary from day to day.

Feel free to call us  for an update on current conditions.

Single Kayak 280 lbs max | Recommended for ages 13+
Tandem Kayak Total Weight: 500 lbs | Tandem kayak recommended for two adults or 1 adult kayaking with a child.
3-Person Kayak

Explore Real Magic!

Join us at our brand new location “The Waterfront Cocoa Beach” for a fun and exciting Bioluminescence Kayaking tour.

The “Intro to Bio Kayak Experience” is a 1 hour excursion that allows you to experience this magical phenomenon from our central Cocoa Beach location.  

You can expect a quiet paddle following your guide through our magical bioluminescence bay right in the heart of Cocoa Beach.  This tour is perfect for guests who are looking for a quicker, more convenient bioluminescence experience.

If you are looking for a more immersive experience check out our Bioluminescence Eco Tour. This 90 minute tour includes more in-depth information about the wildlife and lagoon. You will also explore more of the natural areas further away from the city lights, allowing for better visibility of this natural phenomenon. 



What to Bring

  • Comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing