10 Things You Can Do TODAY To Conserve Water!

March 22 is World Water Day and we want to help you find some easy ways to conserve water today! I am sure we all remember learning how to conserve water in elementary school, but many of us have forgotten how incredibly easy it is to make a difference in water conservation efforts. So here is a reminder of a few of those items that you can literally do TODAY to help with water conservation!

1. Turn off the sink when you brush your teeth
I am sure this is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when we think of water conservation, and maybe you even already do this. If so, great job, but take it even one step further! In addition to turning the tap off while brushing your teeth, think about what other activities you do at the sink. For example, shaving or washing your hands are two additional activities you can turn off the tap!

2. Only run dishwasher with full load
I know energy star rated appliances give us good feelings but the reality is, this rating is stating that this appliance meets certain federal mandated guidelines. They are absolutely an improvement on the appliances that are not energy star rated but we can still do more for sustainability by running that dishwasher less frequently by waiting for that full load. You can even take this one step further by only running your washing machine when you have a full load as well!

3. Buy a reusable water bottle
This one comes at a bit of a cost up front, but in the long run you will actually save money! I should add, this is only if you continue to use it consistently. Switching to a reusable water bottle can completely eliminate your future use of single use plastic water bottles. This act not only helps save water (and money), but also helps diminish our plastic use!

4. Use that old water bottle and put in toilet’s water tank
If you do happen to still have a plastic, single use water bottle you can place this in the water tank behind your toilet and you will save gallons of water each day! You will want to first put something heavy in your bottle (such as some rocks), then simply fill it to the top with water, close the lid tightly, place it in your toilet tank, and voila! You have essentially just created a low flow toilet!

5. Take 5 minutes off of your shower time
How I recommend doing this is by timing yourself as you would take a normal shower. Take 5 minutes off that time and commit to taking a shower within this new time for one week. Stick to it by setting your timer the new time, so your alarm can let you know when it’s time to hop out of the shower. After one week your body will have most likely already adjusted! If you want to take this challenge even further you can turn the water off while you soap, shampoo, and condition your hair!

6. Check your toilet for leaks
Yes you can actually do this on your own, no plumber required! All you need is about 10 drops or so of food coloring. Drop the food coloring into the toilet’s water tank, let that set for about 15 minutes, then check the toilet. If you do not see any color in the bowl then you are in the clear! *Pun intended. However, if you do have the color showing in your toilet bowl, it may be time to call a plumber or a handy friend to determine exactly where the leak is and how to fix it properly.

7. Buy a watering can to water your plants
Or, create one if you are looking to save a little green! I honestly don’t have many plants that require water so I simply use my coffee mug! All of my outdoor plants are native to Florida and do not require additional watering. To see if your plants are native to your area you can ask your local plant society. Another great resource I have found is the Native Plant Finder which you can find online by following this link nwf.org. This website allows you to type in your area code and shows you which plants are native to your area!

8. Don’t use the garbage disposal or use sparingly
Instead you can create a compost area in your yard. The environmental scouts have great resources for this and much more, for more information on creating your composting area visit environmentalscouts.org. If you do need to utilize the garbage disposal, just try to use it less frequently.

9. Stop watering your lawn
I have done this in Florida and my yard is still thriving due to our consistent afternoon showers! However, if you live in an area that you don’t feel you can do this due to climate, simply minimize the time you spend watering your lawn. You can do this by shortening the time you water your lawn or removing a day altogether and see how your lawn reacts. Typically seasons will play a large role in this as well. Make sure to turn off your timers during the rainy seasons! In addition, if you live in an area that you are frequently watering your lawn consider changing your landscape to native plants or by using natural materials. Rocks, shells, wildflowers, sand, gravel, etc. The options are seemingly endless!

10. Come on an eco tour!
Join us at Fin Expeditions on an eco tour and learn more about how to conserve water, reduce plastic, as well as the animals we are trying to protect by creating these small changes in our lives.

Living and working near the water, water conservation is something we hold close to our hearts at Fin Expeditions. Help us protect what we love by making a few small changes in our lives. By doing so we can all improve the world together for future generations!