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About Us


Our Tours are Different

Fin Expeditions is a local, family-owned operation. We are very proud to be rated number one on TripAdvisor. We’d say this comes from hard work but it is much more than that. We strive to treat every guest like family. From the moment you show up through our farewell we want you to feel comfortable. We know what it’s like to travel and always do what we can to take some of that load off our guests. Just show up and let us take care of the rest.

Our tours are run by local guides who are knowledgeable, friendly, and know the area inside and out. Let them take you off the beaten path into places you wouldn’t have discovered on your own…to places where there are no unnatural noises. Just the sound of nature. We are a Quiet expedition (most of the time).

Building Memories

Unlike other kayak tour companies, we limit our groups to a maximum of 10 guests. Our average group size is 6 people. We are firm believers that smaller groups deliver a more personal experience. We limit group sizes to ensure we can give you more personal attention. Just imagine what happens to a group of animals when a large kayak group paddles into their habitat. Large groups require the guide to speak very loudly to communicate. We provide more personal discussions regarding the things we see.


Our Equipment

  • We believe by fully equipping our guests, we will provide an upscale experience.
  • We use high end kayaks with High-Back Seats for your comfort.
  • We wash all kayaks and life jackets after each use.
  • Look for clean equipment in any quality outfitter.


Eco tours

Epic journeys

Exclusive Offer

Discount offered for Military, Police, Fire, Nurses, and Teachers.

Daytime tours starting at $49 per person. (Includes photos of your tour)

Sunset tours starting at $54 per person (Includes photos of your tour)

Bioluminescent tours starting at $69 per person.

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