Why book a kayak tour with Fin Expeditions in Cocoa Beach?

Outdoor Nature on Display in Cocoa Beach

Kayaking the Cocoa Beach area is easily one of the top things to do outdoors in our beautiful city and is considered one of the greatest wonders we have on the east side of the state of Florida for good reason. Visitors flock from all over to come see our Dolphin, Manatee, Birds, and on occasion, our Bioluminescence. People will often search for things to do near me, only to find that Fin Expeditions is the top-rated thing to do in Cocoa Beach by Trip Advisors enhanced rating system.

A Perfect Bioluminescent night is created by a massive number of dinoflagellates, a type of algae that moves through the water when the summer months of Cocoa Beach reach their peak. They use the emitted light as a defense mechanism in nature, but for tourists and locals here in Cocoa Beach, it is a sight for the ages. Interestingly, the algae make a light when a fish or small shrimp tries to eat it. That Bioluminescent light, in turn, attracts bigger fish that can eat whatever is trying to eat the algae. Dinoflagellates may increase at certain times because of nutrients or hydrographic conditions in our lagoons.

Fin Expeditions is well known as the best tour company in Cocoa Beach as they search out the best spots almost daily to make sure their tours are top-notch. They also keep their tours small and intimate to create an adventure like no other. The best time to capture the dramatic and beautiful glow is at night with no moon to be seen. So if you are here in the late summer months and you are looking for what to do in Cocoa Beach, I think the answer is simple, give Fin Expeditions a call today and let us show you a new natural world you may have never seen!