Indian River Lagoon Fishing Forecast – November 2022

November is without a doubt the month of the Seatrout.

As the weather cools, our months of summer excitement are slowly turning into my favorite time of year to be on the water. Our stunning weather in November is paired with some of the most exciting bites of the season. Most of the larger mullet and other forage has moved south, and these fish will begin to key in on shrimp and other smaller bait fish that have appeared following the first cold front. Chasing these smaller forage will be great numbers of “yearling” trout scattered throughout the Thousand Islands area. These beautiful fish are exciting for anglers of all skill levels to catch as they put up a fun fight and show the promise of many more generations of trout to come.

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Fin Expedition’s Captain Blake Gladin fishing on the Indian River Lagoon, Cocoa Beach FL

Over the past 20 years of fishing in this area, November has consistently been the month when trophy “Gator” trout and large drum have been caught in great numbers.

These fish are on the hunt to prepare for the upcoming fronts; but most importantly, it is their prime time to spawn. These spawning females are feeding more so than any other time of the year, resulting in high numbers of large fish being caught. Female trout and drum will be found primarily in feeding and transition zones, competing with and avoiding our dolphin for their piece of the action.

Our water levels are still high following Hurricane Ian. High water levels have moved a majority of fish up to the shallows where our kayaks allow us to stay on the fish. Water temps are still in the mid to high 70’s which makes for a thrilling topwater bite during the early hours. Tailing schools of redfish and black drum add to the excitement of this cooler weather, as they prepare for spawn during the next two months.


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Author: Capt. Blake Gladin