Sunset/Bioluminescence Kayak Tour

2 hours
$69/Single Kayak
Ages 13+
$138/Tandem Kayak
Ages 4+
$207/3-Person Kayak
Family of 3


December – April: From December through April the bioluminescent microorganisms of the Indian River Lagoon are dormant. However, golf ball sized bioluminescent comb jellies are as active as ever. During this time you will end this tour as the comb jellies begin to luminesce and you will have the opportunity to observe this amazing creature.

Two of our most popular tours – combined into one incredible experience! Search for dolphin and manatee, weave through the labyrinths of the mangrove forest, and end your day with the beautiful bright colors of the Florida sunset. To top it all off, once the sun goes down you will get a chance to experience the magic of bioluminescence. Watch as every paddle stroke you take glows and try to catch comb jellies. Pure Bucket List Experience

This Cocoa Beach tour is perfect for first-time paddlers, and anyone looking to get away from the theme parks and immersed in nature! Along the way, you’ll learn paddling skills and how to effectively maneuver a kayak on the water. Your guide will customize this experience based on the interest of the participants in nature and information about our beautiful paradise for those who want a relaxing and educational tour.

Animal activity is seasonal! Please inquire with us to find the best times for viewing. The bioluminescence will be a small portion of the tour, estimated at 20 minutes.

All kayak selections are based on availability:
Single Kayak: 1 Person Capacity, Weight Limit - 280lbs.
Tandem Kayak (2 Guests): Total Weight - 425lbs, Individual person - 280lbs.
Three Person Kayak: This set up is perfect for a family of 3 with a child under 75lbs. Total weight limit for this kayak is 425lbs.
Please leave any notes for your guide in the comment section.
October – May is considered “Bioluminescence Comb Jelly” season.
May – October is considered “Bioluminescence Dinoflagellates (Glowing Water)” season. However, the bioluminescence is the brightest between July and August.
Please note bioluminescence is seasonal and can vary from day to day.
Feel free to give us a call for an update on the current conditions.

Trip information

What to bring
Be sure to wear protective clothing.
Don’t forget a hat and sunglasses.
Sunscreen (don’t forget your feet).
Bug spray for after the tour.
Please bring your reusable water bottles and stay hydrated.
What’s Included
Pictures of your experience

Trip Map


Why Choose Us

Fin Expeditions takes pride in following established best practices of Ethical Ecotourism.


We want our kayak tours to have a more intimate experience for every guest. Large groups disrupt wildlife habitats and require loud guide communication and a less personalized approach. Other kayak tour agencies put 40 or more people in a group. We typically limit the size of our tours to 12 guests 


At Fin Expeditions our guides are highly trained. Other kayak tour agencies may give their guides as little as 2 hours of training. Our guides receive 50+ hours of training before they are certified to lead a tour.


Fin Expeditions is locally owned and our tours are run by local guides that are knowledgeable, friendly and know the area inside and out. We support our local community and efforts to conserve and restore the Indian River Lagoon.


We are top-rated on Tripadvisor and Google for a reason. We know what it’s like to travel and do what we can to take some of that load off our guests. Just show up and we’ll take care of the details.


We believe by fully equipping our guests, we provide an upscale experience. We use high-end kayaks with high-back seats for your comfort. We clean and sanitize all equipment and life jackets after each use.

Daytime Photos included
Complimentary photos of your experience are included. Our guide will take high quality photos during daytime tours. Within a day after the tour, you will be emailed a link to your tour album where you can receive pictures at no charge.

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After a long winter, the bioluminescent microorganisms of the Indian River Lagoon have come out of dormancy. Book a TOP-RATED Fin Expeditions bioluminescence tour in Cocoa Beach now!