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Sunset Kayak Tour in Cocoa Beach

Halloween tours on October 29th - 30th. Join us for some spooky fun on the water. Recommended for ages 12 and up!

Quick Details

Single Kayak Ages 13+
Tandem Kayak Ages 4+

Kayak The Thousand Islands at Sunset!

On this sunset kayak tour, you will be guided into the labyrinths of the mangrove forest, with keyhole openings, an overhead canopy, and watery trails that will twist your sense of direction. This tour is perfect for first-time paddlers, and anyone looking to get away from the theme parks and immersed in nature!

Along the way, you’ll learn paddling skills and how to effectively maneuver a kayak on the water. Your guide will customize this experience based on the interest of the participants in nature and information about our beautiful paradise for those who want a relaxing and educational kayak tour at sunset.

What to Bring

  • Be sure to wear protective clothing
  • Don’t forget a hat and sunglasses
  • Wear lots of sunscreen (don’t forget your feet).
  • Please bring your reusable water bottles and stay hydrated.